Why You Must Be in Harmony with Yourself

“Did you know that within you there exists another version of you waiting for permission to be expressed?”

Who is this other version and what is she like, you ask?

Well, who would you like her to be and what would you like her to do?

For example, what if she were calmer, kinder and more creative, efficient, self-confident and spiritual? What if she advised you how to solve your problems and you could ask for this advice anytime on any day…and, your asking would never annoy her?

Know that she exists.

However, KNOWING her is not enough.

BEING IN HARMONY with her is.

“Harmony” has multiple definitions, many of which pertain to musical chords and melody. The definition I found most fitting to this topic is simple and direct:

internal calm


 Destined For Greatness-Feel Great

Don’t you feel split within yourself at times…like a storm going on inside?

  • Your mind tells you what you SHOULD NOT be doing while your heart makes you feel guilty you are doing it?

  • You want to feel good about your body, but every time you look in the mirror you pick apart what’s wrong?

  • You desire to love a partner but fearful to open your heart because you have been hurt too often?

How then do you bring internal calm in order to align the best of you with who you are right now?

I offer a technique that has the backing of scientific research: meditation.

Now, before you roll your eyes with – “Been there. Done that. Heard that.” – the form of meditation I reference is an ancient form that is making a big impact in the personal lives of its practitioners. This form is called Transcendental Meditation. The Transcendental Meditation technique “is an effective way for anyone to relieve stress, gain inner peace and promote mind-body health” (www.tm-women.org).

Being in harmony with yourself is the gift that keeps on giving. It is a gift first to you and to others:

  • Improved relationships with those you love

  • Access to emotions that make you feel good

  • Self-confidence because you know who you are not who people think you are

When you are in harmony with yourself, you are attractive and as such, people will interact with you – not as they have in the past but -in new, affirming ways.

For a Pre-Mother’s Day treat, bring yourself and someone special to hear an expert share the virtues of Transcendental Meditation. You’ll also enjoy my story of how learning to practice Transcendental Meditation helped me overcome a very difficult set-back and boosted my self-confidence resulting in publishing my book.

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