In Search of SHEros: Women Who Bounced Back to Give Back

I am a storBe a sheroyteller, and there is a specific story that I want to tell.

The story I want to tell is one of Resilience after divorce, where Hope and Healing play supportive roles to the main character. The main character is a woman who went through the pain and devastation of a divorce but used that pain and devastation to become a better version of herself. As a result, she made/is making a remarkable difference in the world.

This woman is a SHEro. To become a SHEro, she progressed through the stages of a “hero’s journey”. The “hero’s journey” was theorized by the late Joseph Campbell who wrote extensively about this phenomenon. The hero progresses through a number of stages of life events in which he is challenged to overcome what holds him back from attaining heroism. Along the way, he is assisted by various guides and resisted by others. Every stage brings him closer to becoming a better version of himself, meaning; his authentic-self emerges. His transformation culminates with an essential demonstration: he returns to whence he came bearing a gift. He delivers this gift (or elixir) to his “people” and his people benefit. His journey – struggles, challenges, transformation – was not just for his benefit. His journey was for the benefit of others.


The Problem

But there is a problem. The problem is that the story of Resilience after divorce is seldom told. Instead, another story is often told. That story is one of pain, disappointment, misfortune, and litigious vitriol. The problem with telling only this side of the story is that it damages the collective human psyche, and perpetuates enmity between parents, thus affecting the well-being of children and ultimately society. We are a society of broken relationships, hopes, and dreams.

We are waiting for repair.

We are waiting to hear the SHEro’s story.


A Solution

A simple and easy solution is a series of stories of women who were devastated by divorce, yet found a way to recover, thrive, and are making a difference in the world. Multiple stories can be told. Each story can present one of the crippling challenges women of divorce face.

Much is accomplished in each story:

  • Key lesson learned
  • Details of the confusing divorce process simplified
  • Secrets of the legal system revealed
  • Resilience (SHEro) journey explained

Resilience themes include (but not limited to):

  • Losing custody of children
  • Supporting children without child support
  • Husband hiding assets
  • Depression
  • Poor health
  • Homelessness
  • Loneliness, never finding love again
  • Isolation and excommunication from faith, friends, and family

The audience isn’t just women. Men need to hear these stories too. The audience of women and men are educated and inspired by every story and are called to action. That action can be big or small, even as small as letting someone going through a divorce know that s/he is not alone. That’s really big!

These stories of Resilience are intended to bring hope and healing to a nation broken by the scourge of divorce. Imagine such a world. Indeed, it’s beautiful, just like a resilient woman.


To Those Who Doubt

To those who doubt if recovery from a divorce is even possible, there is good news…no, there is fabulous news: you can! There is plenty of evidence that you can recover and thrive. Take from the stories of these women everything you need to have a remarkable life after divorce. And, in gratitude for your recovery, use the elixir to make better the life of someone else.


Are You a SHEro?

Do you have a story to tell? Did you bounce back after a divorce and are now making a difference in your world? Write to me and let me know: 



Pamela Elaine Nichols



Pamela Elaine Nichols is a Resilience Expert. She teaches women how to reinvent themselves after a marital transition. While wife and mother, she put the wants and needs of family first and ignored her own. This behavior led to her breakdown and marital breakup. Desperate to find a breakthrough to emotional and spiritual recovery, she discovered resilience. Through video and public speaking, Pamela Elaine shows women how to recover and move on to a resilient life.

Before starting her resilience business, Pamela Elaine made important contributions to health care during her extensive career in management at the University of Pennsylvania Health System, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and other high-profile companies.

Pamela Elaine is a speaker, author, and coach. She has been a guest on numerous radio and television. She appeared on The Dr. Oz Show to share her story about building her business as a healthy way to bounce back from divorce. Her book, Muddy High Heels: 14 Lessons Learned From My Breakdown, Breakup and Breakthrough, reveals what holds women back from feeling good enough, and teaches lessons of resilience in life.

In addition to a passion for empowering women, Pamela Elaine is a singer/songwriter and produces inspirational videos. One of her songs was the theme for a radio program on 900AM WURD, Philadelphia. She co-produced an original 3-part series on divorce recovery that aired on public television.

Pamela Elaine is a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt in business process improvement, a triathlete, and half-marathoner. She is a proud native of Los Angeles, holding a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology from California State University at Northridge and a Master of Health Sciences Degree from The Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health.

She resides outside of Philadelphia, PA with her four children.




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