Learn from other mothers how to bounce back strong and beautiful after divorce.

Pamela Elaine

Stories inspire us to grow, hope, live!

When Pamela Elaine was newly divorced and struggled to find answers to, “What’s life after divorce?”, she took a low-quality video camera and interviewed several women. These interviews were of women who bounced back after divorce and are living life on their own terms.

These stories helped her personally and others too. These stories became a video series she calls, Resilient Beauties.

Not long after publishing these videos, she was contacted by Tredyffrin Township Television to produce a 3-part episode on resilience after divorce. Below are interviews with women who bounced back and are thriving after divorce. 
Resilient Beauties is a three-part episode featuring women who found paths to healing and growth after divorce.

The mothers on this video above are wise and warm. Share this video with every mother you know who needs encouragement through her divorce. She is not alone. Hope and healing are hers.

Women are raised to believe that finding a husband and raising a family is the ultimate prize. But, finding your inner and outer beauty and loving YOU is the greatest prize and possession. Beauty is power and using it can help women move forward after divorce.


You Can Recover After Divorce

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