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Pamela Elaine on The Dr Oz Show

Pamela Elaine appeared on The Dr. Oz Show to speak about the “Best Revenge” after divorce.
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Pamela Elaine is an inspirational, thoughtful and engaging speaker. She connects deeply with her audience. Her goal is to inspire a belief that the pain and disappointment of setbacks can be transformed into stories of success. Resilience, she affirms, is the fuel of transformation!






“Take Care of Yourself FIRST” on Mom to Mom TV with Lynne Getz

“Significant TV” with Franne McNeal

Other Great Speaking Topics:

“Emotional Intelligence is the Missing Ingredient for SUPER Success” – SUPER success is experienced when work, life and love co-exist harmoniously for you. Emotional Intelligence can bring about this harmony. Humans are emotional creatures and there is no way around this truth. However, research shows more than 60% of people are unable to identify their emotions as they occur. This means, most of us are unable to manage ourself and our interactions with others. No wonder we suffer in work, life and love. In this presentation, you will learn what emotions are (and are not), why you must be “in-touch” with them, and how to manage your emotions for SUPER success.

“Resilience & the Dependent Spouse” – The emotional and financial setbacks of the divorced woman who gave up a career to stay home and care for her children and be a supportive wife are enormous. She must re-learn her worth and re-discover her purpose while building a financial future for independence. The balancing act is difficult but doable with a resilience plan.

“The Anatomy of a Resilience Woman” – Resilience leaves clues. Resilient women can be identified in a crowd of women because their emotional and spiritual anatomy are unique. This topic explores resilience from 5 parts of a woman’s body including her eyes, hands, and heart.

“Take Care of  Yourself First” – Self-care is the antidote to emotional sickness. Putting your needs first is an act of self-love. Finding your authentic voice, doing what makes you happy, and showing self-confidence that comes when you feel “good enough” to be who you really are benefits.

“Revenge the Resilient Way” – Revenge is an intense feeling which is normal when you feel you have been wronged. This topic offers a judgement-free process to put this intense feeling to work and find health, happiness, and success.  A win-win for everyone!

“Resilience & The Beauty of Bouncing Back!” – 4 beauty practices that help you overcome setbacks in relationships and become a happier you.

“Be YOUR SHE-ro” – Setbacks happen. Every movie hero/shero has them. The meaning you give to those setbacks and how you overcome them determines success or stagnation. Be YOUR SHE-ro means you, 1) Rewrite the meaning of your setback; 2) Live your resilient journey, and; 3) Claim your (successful) future. This is the experience of a SHE-ro.

“Resilience and Spirituality” – Bouncing back is reinforced when you understand the spiritual principles that underpin a resilient life.

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