“I believe every mother is good enough for happiness, success & self-care.”

Muddy High Heels by Pamela Elaine

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Hidden in the muddiness of setbacks is a beautiful lesson waiting for your discovery. Read 14 resilience lessons and learn how to turn your setbacks into success stories.

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This book will inspire you. Each chapter begins an opening quote, followed by 1) an engaging personal experience; 2) the lesson learned from that experience; and, 3) a key question for you to write your reflections on the lesson.

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About the Editor

“At the time Pamela Elaine asked me to edit her book, I was experiencing a very difficult period in my life. My mother had recently passed, and as a certified momma’s boy, I was devastated. Because I never knew my dad, mom was my world. To compound matters, my baby, my youngest son, suddenly and unexpectedly moved to Florida with my ex-wife. I had never felt such emptiness, such a feeling of loss. My circumstance changed from seeing and spending quality time with my son on a regular basis, to not seeing him for months at a time. Reading about Pamela Elaine’s life and her very personal, intimate experiences helped me to better understand myself and pinpoint the fact that I was suffering from depression and major self-esteem issues…” —Dana E. Lintz (Read Dana’s bio)

“What does a male editor of a book for mothers have to say about the unexpected impact the book had on his life? You’ll be surprised and inspired.”

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