What Likely Was Missing From Your Divorce Settlement

you-are-entitled-to-a-resilient-life-after-divorceWhether you are contemplating divorce, going through divorce, or have been divorced (recently or not so recently), likely there is or was something missing from your divorce settlement: YOU ARE ENTITLED TO A RESILIENT LIFE AFTER DIVORCE! Yes, you are entitled.


Entitled means:

believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.

The best part of this definition is the word “believing” which suggests CHOICE. You have a choice to believe you are entitled (just like you have a choice to believe you are NOT entitled) to a resilient life.

It’s up to you.

Do you want a resilient life or would you like to blame and stay in pain? Resilient women have a high EQ (or emotional intelligence). A high EQ is directly correlated with happier and healthier relationships in work and in life, compared to those with a low EQ.

What is a resilient life?

A resilient life is free from the old story of what went wrong in your marriage (and what a bad person your ex is), to a new story.  That new story is how divorce opened the door for you to define happiness and success on your own terms.  A resilient life is one where you are in charge of making decisions about who you are, who you want to be, where you want success, who you want to love, how much money you want to make, and the new relationships you must form (and close) to keep moving forward.

My message to you is friendly, inspirational, and practical: to convince you that you are entitled (aka, good enough) to be resilient! 

I speak, write, and coach about resilience after divorce. That’s my passion. I am a resilient woman now and that’s by choice.

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You Can Recover After Divorce

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