What You Should Do When You Feel Like Giving Up on Your Dreams

A Relevant Story

My birthday was a couple of days away. My children kept asking me what I wanted to receive (as a gift) and what I wanted to do with them on that special day. They kept asking me because I wouldn’t give them an acceptable answer. All I could say was stuff like, “Oh…anything…”; “I don’t know…doesn’t matter.”; “I haven’t thought about it.”

The answer I really wanted to give was, “Nothing. I just want the day to come and go as quickly as possible.”

You see, I was in a funk – probably a depressive funk – and had been in this funk for longer than I realized.

On my birthday I turned 53 and nowhere close to my dream: a successful, thriving business, which I started several years ago. Certainly, the business exists and is legal. But it sho ain’t “thriving” like I want it to.

But it’s not because I have limited skills or smarts. Nope, that’s not why I’m nowhere close to where I want to be.

It’s because I get discouraged before I see consistent results.

I go from highs (great business effort) to lows (inaction, lack of clarity, insecurity).

Feeling like a manic-depressive.

Feeling terribly inadequate.

Kept hearing the haunting voice of my ex-husband telling me to “go get a real job”. The self-employed gig isn’t moving and certainly isn’t bringing me sufficient income.

I made a decision. I would ditch the business owner gig and go get a real job. You know the one where you have benefits and a steady paycheck? I was ready to ditch the dream.

Two days later while still mourning this decision, I found myself stuck in unexpected traffic behind a line of cars. Two cars ahead of me was a van that caught my eye because of the writing on the back:

“You are so close… you can almost taste it.”


This statement caught my eye immediately. I took a picture of the van. For me, it was a sign from the Universe that the fulfillment of my dream is so close that “I can almost taste it”.

Later that night, I shared this story and the photo with my girlfriend. She looked carefully at the photo and asked,

“Do you see the cross?”

“What cross?” I inquired.

“The cross in the distance.” She replied.

“There’s no cross in that photo, Cathy.” I countered.

“Here, take a look.” She said with confidence as she returned the photo to me.

Low and behold, there it was. When she expanded the photo, the cross can be seen in the distance. For me, this symbolism was precious.

But that wasn’t all. She went on to ask,

“Did you notice the other writing on the cup…’New Hope’?”

Nope! Hadn’t seen that either. Another precious and meaningful symbolism for me.


The Lesson

At the writing of this blog, I noticed something else in the picture that I hadn’t seen previously: “But almost isn’t good enough. Taste for yourself.” That statement meant to me one thing and one thing only: KEEP GOING! (DON’T GIVE UP! YOU ARE SO CLOSE.)


What You Should Do When You Feel Like Giving Up On Your Dreams

How many times have you been discouraged while reaching for your dreams? How many times have you given up?

Chances are, you are probably discouraged about your dreams even now. That’s ok! Discouragement is normal. It is part of the journey.

What you should do when you feel like giving up on your dreams:

  1. Accept discouragement. Relax in it, but don’t surrender to its staying power. Think of it as a temporary visitor; treat it with respect, then set a time for it to leave.
  2. Look for the signs that are always around you to keep going. These signs are subtle. If you aren’t careful, you will miss them (like the cross).
  3. Get vulnerable. Meaning, share your discouragement with a trusted friend or two. Had I not told my girlfriend I would have missed the supporting messages in the photo. Chances are, you’ll get discouraged again. You’ll need someone to remind you of these signs!
  4. Mastermind. Get a small group of people to help you accelerate the manifestation of your dreams, stick with your dreams, come up with new ideas, and hold you accountable as you do the same for them.
  5. Take smaller steps. Sometimes you want to see the whole staircase. When you don’t, you get frustrated and want to quit. Instead, if you take one step at a time, you will get to the top. The whole staircase will unfold.
  6. KEEP GOING! Perseverance is the key!

What Have You Been Dreaming About?

So, what’s your dream?

  • A fabulous home?
  • A restored relationship with your daughter?
  • A partner who adores and respects you?
  • Your own business?
  • Perfect health?

It’s okay to dream. When you dream and then pursue it, you give other people permission to do the same. Going after your dreams is holy work because it doesn’t just serve you, as Marianne Williamson said, “…it serves the world.”


Final Thoughts

My dream is manifesting. I am on the right track by following my passion for helping women of divorce find resilience. When I look at the cup half full rather than half empty, I realize that I have the right resources and training to continue to build a business around this passion. And, I’m already doing a lot to help women:

I won’t give up on my dream.

I don’t want you to give up on yours either.

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