7 Unexpected Gifts of Divorce

gift of divorce

Divorce is an experience we have to talk about so that we can learn from it, then redefine it on our own terms:








Emotionally draining

I marvel at the amazing, destructive power of divorce. Yet, we gave it the power it has! We (those going through it, their family, their community, the media and entertainment) are the ones who give legs and feet to this beast.

We created the beast, we feed it and give it a human heart to live in:

  • Fighting in front of the children
  • Speaking poorly of a parent in front of the children
  • Endlessly speaking negatively about the ex-spouse to anyone who might listen
  • Battling in court over one’s “rights” to this or that
  • Withholding financial support
  • Bullying the ex-spouse emotionally and/or financially

All of these circumstances and others are examples of how we have allowed the Divorce Beast to run amok.

Paradigm Shift

What might our lives and relationships be like if we took control over the Divorce Beast, tamed it and then retrained it to serve our need for growth and healing?

DIVORCE then becomes the bearer of many gifts:







Emotional Intelligence


1.      The Gift of Determination

Go start that business your ex thought was a waste of time or believed that you didn’t have the skills to do. Lose the weight, finally, because it’s good for your health not because your ex made you feel inadequate. Take that trip (without the kids) that you have been dreaming about. Leave that job you hate and start a new career. Do what you have been wanting to do and don’t even think about asking for someone’s permission.

2.      The Gift of Independence

You get to make decisions on your own terms. Period!

3.      The Gift of Victory

What you thought would destroy you, didn’t.

4.      The Gift of Optimism

Your future has promise. Give thanks for what you have and what is to come, rather than obsess about what you don’t have.

5.      The Gift of Resilience

How could you know your own strength to bounce back unless you were first stretched to your breaking point? You really are super bad!

6.      The Gift of Calm

There is no better time to learn the practice of meditation than now, whether going through a divorce, coming out of it or well beyond it. Meditating daily, as a practice, confers emotional, spiritual and physical benefits. The world may fall apart around you, but you won’t because you have tapped into an inner world of peace and calm.

7.      The Gift of Emotional Intelligence

You are a human being with emotions and as long as you are human, you will experience emotions. How you manage these emotions determines your level of intelligence. Emotional intelligence is a skill that anyone can develop and strengthen. Success in work, life and love are linked to high emotional intelligence. Self-awareness and self-regulation of your emotions improve your relationships because the stuff that used to irk you no longer does. Instead of reacting, you now respond.

Take Advantage of The 7 Gifts of Divorce & Start Winning in Life

These 7 gifts of divorce are yours for the taking and they are free. Start creating the life you want. Live your dreams and be the best version of yourself. Focusing on your inner world and your personal development is a gift you give to yourself and to others. What a win-win.

Start winning in life by using this system called Manifestation Miracle. You will find the courage to live a life that is true to who you are, not the life that others expect of you.


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