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“Hello Beautiful”

Welcome to a site designed for you! Here is the place you come to on a daily basis to receive inspiration, healing, and guidance so you can get through AND beyond divorce. My passion is finding people, products, and services that will make you financially successful and emotionally strong during and after the craziness and uncertainty of divorce. You will need these resources well beyond the divorce decree. I do the hard work for you to find people, products, and services that motivate, heal, and guide. This way, you have more time to devote to your financial success and emotional strength.

Welcome, Beautiful.

Relax & enjoy.

Financial Success

Frustrating as it may be, it is a fact that women of divorce typically do worse financially than do men of divorce. But let’s not make this fact your reality! You CAN be financially successful, on your own terms.

I find people, products, and services that will show you how you can have more money to take care of yourself, your children, and your future. And…perhaps have more than your ex, if that’s your goal.


Emotional Strength

Women are told, “You are too emotional”. The next time someone says that to you, thank him for recognizing your power. Emotions are a secret weapon to give and to get what you know brings meaning to life for all. When you are in touch with your emotions, you raise the well-being of others and yourself. Emotions are your strength. You just need to know how to use your strength.

I find people, products, and services to encourage you that you are good enough to use your emotional strength for whatever you desire.


You Can Recover After Divorce

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