Destined for Greatness-momsMy story begins with a truth I didn’t want to own. But, I found that owning it brought strength, resilience, and inspiration to others.

The truth is: I never wanted to be a mom.

And as a mom, I felt depleted. I was resentful.

I felt alone, guilty, incompetent, trapped, and ashamed.

But who feels free to say, especially to other mothers, that she’s miserable being a mom? After all, moms are supposed to love their role, and give of themselves tirelessly and without complaint. I certainly didn’t love it, and I complained to myself all of the time. And yet, all the while I pretended that everything was okay and that I was happy.

The turning point? Seven years ago, the pretense came to a screeching halt.


Pam Johnson joined Dr Oz discuss methods of “Best Revenge”.
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The desire for happiness and fulfillment is a longing we all share. As women raising children, we often ignore this longing and carry on with the busyness of the day and the tending to the needs of others. We are so accustomed to ignoring this longing that feeling unhappy and unfulfilled seems…well…”normal”. But it’s not normal. As human beings, we were created for happiness and fulfillment. Yes, for both. It’s in our DNA. In some form or another, whether we acknowledge it or not, we seek to satisfy this longing, and sometimes in destructive and hurtful ways.

I believe that satisfying this longing on a daily basis is as important as eating a nutritionally balanced meal everyday.


Women are raised to believe that finding a husband and raising a family is the best prize.

I believe that finding your inner and outer beauty and loving it is the greatest prize and possession.

Beauty is power and it is the energy every woman needs.

Please watch our video above to learn from some very beautiful women.