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Pamela Elaine on The Dr Oz Show

Pamela Elaine appeared on The Dr. Oz Show to speak about the “Best Revenge” after divorce.
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Pamela Elaine is an inspirational, thoughtful and engaging speaker. She connects deeply with her audience. Her goal is to inspire a belief that the pain and disappointment of setbacks can be transformed into stories of success. Resilience, she affirms, is the fuel of transformation!





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Muddy High Heels by Pamela Elaine

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Ever feel “not good enough”? Most likely you have and do on a regular basis. And, set-backs like divorce can magnify these feelings.

But how do you ever feel good enough? How do you turn setbacks into setups for a great life?

Answer: through self-discovery and a shift in mind-set.

Resilience Coaching

The Marriage is over…now what?

Now it’s time to move on to a beautiful life!

Going through a divorce is like going through a dark tunnel. You wonder if there is an end…and end to the fighting, arguing, disappointment, hurt, regret, frustration, and stress.

And, if the dark tunnel has an end, you wonder if there is light there.

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