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Pamela Elaine on The Dr Oz Show

Pamela Elaine appeared on The Dr. Oz Show to speak about the “Best Revenge” after divorce.
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Pamela Elaine is an inspirational, thoughtful and engaging speaker. She connects deeply with her audience. Her goal is to inspire a belief that the pain and disappointment of setbacks can be transformed into stories of success. Resilience, she affirms, is the fuel of transformation!





Resilience Author

Muddy High Heels by Pamela Elaine

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Hidden in the muddiness of setbacks is a beautiful lesson waiting for your discovery. Read 14 resilience lessons and learn how to turn your setbacks into success stories.

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Resilience Coach


In my role as Your Resilience Coach, I care that you have super success in your relationships: first, with yourself and, second with others, even difficult ones.

I listen intuitively: I listen carefully to what you are saying. I listen more carefully to what you ARE NOT saying and draw your attention to it.

I see what you miss…what’s in your “blind spot”.

With respect, guidance, and heart intelligence, I help you see your blind spot. When you do, solutions you never considered come into clear focus. What seemed impossible becomes possible. What once was a barrier becomes a benefit.

“Get Your Mojo Back” Coaching

After a breakup, you feel many emotions about yourself and your ex that you can’t seem to manage: anger, hurt, betrayal, fear, revenge.

These emotions keep you stuck in pain and blame, and unable to move on.

Being stuck means you can’t experience the success and happiness you desperately want.

You keep telling that old story of how your ex is a jerk, bully, and psychopath. Your friends and family may not tell you, but they wish you would move on.

Even worse, you keep attracting the wrong guy whom you get excited about but ultimately leaves you.

You have lost your mojo and you want it back.

Get Your Mojo Back Coaching!



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