Pamela Elaine appeared on The Dr. Oz Show to speak about the “Best Revenge” after divorce.
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Pamela Elaine is an inspirational, thoughtful and engaging speaker. She connects with her audience leaving them feeling they just shared wine & wisdom with a best friend! (Testimonials)

Popular topics are:

“Do You, Boo” – how to take care of yourself after divorce by putting your needs first, finding your authentic voice, doing what makes you happy, and showing self-confidence that comes when you feel “good enough” to be who you really are.

“Healthy Revenge” – revenge is an intense feeling which is normal when you feel you have been wronged. Pamela Elaine offers a judgement-free process to put this intense feeling to work and find health, happiness, and success.  A win-win for everyone!

“Resilience & The Beauty of Bouncing Back!” – 4 beauty practices that help you overcome set-backs in relationships and become a happier you.

“Be YOUR SHE-ro” – Set backs happen. Every movie hero/shero has them. The meaning you give to those set backs and how you overcome them determines success or being stuck. Rewrite the meaning of your set back, live your journey, and claim your future. Be YOUR SHE-ro


Muddy High Heels by Pamela Elaine


Like many mothers, Pamela Elaine put the wants and needs of others first while ignoring her own. She discovered a practice for putting her health and happiness first. This discovery came as she resolved to settle deep hurts from her past that kept her feeling “not good enough”. Now, she shows other mothers how to discover that they are good enough for health, happiness and their heart’s desires.

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Are you a woman who:

  • Gave up career & ambition to raise a family and support your spouse?
  • Put your needs on the back burner?
  • Lost yourself taking care of others?
  • Now, divorced and have feelings of revenge?
  • Wants to find who you were before marriage and children, but don’t know how?

Through private and group consultations, you will discover that you are GOOD ENOUGH to take care of yourself FIRST, and GOOD ENOUGH to live a fulfilling, healthy and happy life after divorce!

Isn’t that the best revenge :)?

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